Box Culvert & Bridge Products

We can provide custom made culverts to meet your
project specifications. Several options are available that include: standard box culverts, three sided span units, deck slabs and arch culverts. These can be customized with headwalls, footers, wingwalls, and other structural options.  


  • Arch Culverts : the picture at the top right is of the Hitchings Road over Onondaga Creek project. The span is 24' with an 11' rise. 


  • 3-Sided Box Culverts: the picture at the right is of a span unit we produced for Jennings Creek has a 33'8" span with a 10'3" rise.    


  • 4-Sided Box Culverts: Below on the left is a side by side box culvert at Hickories Park in Owego. Each box culvert has 20' span with a 12' rise.


  • Deck Slabs: On the bottom right is a picture of the Lovers Lane Road project in Unadilla. These deck slabs measured 35.67' long by 4.5' wide by 1.83' thick. 


  • In our Catalog you can see the various details we have for Box Culverts and Tunnels. These details give you the basic information on our culverts and the various components that make up a culvert.