Trench Polydrain

PolyDrain is a unique system that provides a complete and simple solution for surface drainage. A solution that by design solves the installation, maintenance and deterioration problems encountered with catch basins, curb inlets or cast-in-place trench systems.

Binghamton PreCast & Supply is an exclusive distributor for PolyDrain.

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Trench Polydrain PDX

A Versatile Modular Trench System


  • Varying Widths and Slopes for a wide variety of applications. 
  • No heavy equipment needed for installation
  • No-Float U-Legs and horizontal suspension eliminates the need of penetrating a sub-slab barrier for support or positioning.
  • Proper selection to meet Flamability and NFPA Codes

Trench Former

Trench Former® is the pre-engineered concrete forming system which allows the designer or client to select the trench width, depth, shape and slope as the hydraulic capacity or application requires, and not from an extensive product range. It also creates a sound base for numerous trench coatings if concrete’s chemical resistance is not sufficient.


  • Wide Range of Grate Options - Pedestrian to Airport
  • Frame options - Stainless Steel, Painted Steel, Galvanized Steel, FRP & Aluminum Styles
  • Easy Installation - The System is installed by the suspension method using no-float legs